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Newborn Session Information

How to Prepare for your Newborn Session

Sessions are best booked within two weeks birth.  The earlier the better. This is the time when the baby will sleep and curl up to give you those beautiful pictures we all want as a parent. I understand that you never know when baby will arrive so just let me know your due date and I’ll put in on my calendar and I will schedule baby right after birth.

Sessions are held in my home. It is best to not have a ton of people in the house during the shoot to keep it stress free and quiet so the baby can sleep throughout the session. So only bring family involved in photo session.

Session takes from 1-3 hours. Due to feedings, diaper changing and cuddles from parents.  I am very patient and like to take my time with my newborn sessions. I fully understand the demands of a newborn baby and set aside a large amount of my day for your shoot.

Have any outfits, or special baby blankets ready for me to use. When picking out an outfit (if you chose to have one) pick out something soft and comfortable for baby.  Two piece outfits and ones with collars are awkward to work with and hard to make look good in the poses. But know I always prefer naked shots in my style of photography.

Speaking of naked babies: about an hour before session make sure diaper is loosely placed on baby to avoid clothing lines on the skin, and strip them down to just a diaper. Just keep them in a soft blanket (loosely) to keep warm.

I crank up the heat or start a fire prior to your arrival. I also have a space heater because the baby will sleep sounder if they are toasty and warm. If you are uncomfortable, the baby is probably happy.

Have baby fed, clean, lotion-ed up, and asleep if possible. I realize that new baby’s shed their skin. The lotion helps a lot to reduce the appearance of the dry skin.

There will be poses where I use either the Mom’s hands or Dad’s hand for the special shots with baby’s head or feet.  It’s nice to have groomed hands and rings.

Have some black outfits for you and your spouse set aside such as a t-shirt or top.

I have multiple props, blankets, hats, flowers and bows for the hair, Most of the props that you see in my pictures are mine. I also have many more that I have yet to use.  Let me know if there is one that you like and I will make sure and have it available.

Most important to me is for you to be comfortable and relaxed. A happy Mommy and Daddy make a happy baby. If you are stressed out during the shoot the baby will be as well and it will show in the pictures. Let’s enjoy this time you have because babies are not small forever.


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