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About Stephaine

Hi my name is Stephaine Eads, owner and photographer for LilyMae Photography. I am married to a wonderful man who shares my love of football and Disney World. We have two beautiful daughters and two young at heart doggies. We spend our free time dressing up like princesses, going on picnics, and having tickle fights.

I graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Microbiology. Interesting fact? I was originally in the School of Design at NCSU before switching to College of Life Sciences. Photography has become my creative outlet supplemented with a love of writing. I like the balance of geek/artist my life has provided. I have a HUGE passion for photography. I love people and capturing little moments when they think no one else is looking. It is not very often I am not lugging around an extremely heavy camera (or two), and then shoving it in my family and friends faces. Yeah I am THAT girl. I apologize to you in advance if we happen to be at the same family function because odds are I will have a picture of you even if you are trying to hide from me. I have literally stopped on the side of the road, drug my daughter out of her car seat and snapped pictures of her playing in random scenic locations. My husband fusses that I cart a bag full of camera “junk” everywhere from errands to family vacations. The worst part? I sometimes have to remind myself to stop taking pictures and get in on the action! I swear I am a member of my family even though the pictures tell a different story! I would go as far to say that it looks like my husband is a single dad from our family photo albums.

Those that know me would say a talk a lot…I mean A LOT! I like to think of it as bubbly. But I hate talking on the phone. I love writing and would love to write a book someday. I enjoying reading, am addicted to more TV shows that I am willing to admit, constantly struggle with self body image like every other woman on the planet, LOVE my convertible and the sunny days I get to drive it, always think I could be a better mom and a better wife, realize I need a project at all times to be happy, am addicted to celebrity gossip, curse way to much at sporting events, and am kind of an itinerary freak. Oh and I think my kids are the cutest in the world and don’t try and tell me otherwise! I mean I have the pictures to prove it…

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